Why should you regularly change your air filter?

Often, Be Cool Air Conditioning customers ask us about how often they should change their filter. The answer varies by season. As you know, Laredo, TX weather is very hot! So, during the whole year, you want your air conditioning to run smoothly with the best performance. Therefore it is optimal to change your filter […]

Air Conditioning Repair in Laredo, Texas

During this time of the year, it’s only essential to have an air conditioner; we know this because, while this article is being written, it’s 102 degrees outside. This extreme heat is probably not a surprise to you. According to AccuWeather Meteorologists, last summer, temperatures in Laredo, Texas, exceeded the forecast in about three-digits for […]

Heating services

During the lifetime operation of the heating system there may be situations that require reducing or increasing the number of sections, or flush the radiator. Everybody deserves a warm, comfortable and safe home. If your home heating system should break down or stop working properly, it is important to have a company you can trust […]

Annual Inspections

An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system. Maintenance checklist Many dealers provide priority service for their customers who have an annual maintenance or service agreement. Bi-annual preventative maintenance will ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible. Your […]

A/C Installation

Tired of sweating through every summer? Learn how you can save money with a more energy efficient A/C unit. Air conditioner basics The first step in getting a new air conditioner installed is determining what size you need. You don’t want one without sufficient power to cool your home, and getting an air conditioner that’s […]